Sustainability and our approach


As a consumer and mother, I have made choices to buy consciously and as a designer, I want to sell conscious products. But as this adventure continues, I have come to know there is always so much more to learn and discover in the world of circular fashion. 
Our belief is in making conscious connections with our manufacturers, suppliers and creators of all sustainable and eco-friendly elements which we then choose to build into our designs. 

I choose to work with a smaller manufacturer based in Bali, Indonesia because I strongly desired a manufacturer that is connected to its team, their families and people within the community. The team in Bali welcomed LITTLE RAY into their lives and are an integral part behind the products that can be shared with you. 

The goal for LITTLE RAY is to continue to discover new ways in which we can produce premium quality swimwear. We are driven by the beliefs that mindful and respectful design is our only choice. 
By wearing LITTLE RAY I hope it makes you feel as though you are wrapped in a towel resting on the golden evening sand of the beach, feeling content. 

We have teamed up with manufacturers who are like-minded with our values and have a commitment to sustainability. Our manufacturer has created a way to minimise such wastage that we were not able to even create little hair scrunchies for you all.
We love giving back to the environment, and part of that is minimising waste in production through committing excess materials from our swimwear manufacturing to organisations within Indonesia for purposes such as insulation and recyclable floor mats.
Being new to this business we are aware we may make some mistakes along the way, the sustainability landscape is eternally changing, but we see this as an exciting opportunity to challenge the norm and succeed in creating a fully sustainable and ethical brand.
We want to increase awareness and consciousness, but also create connectedness with our clients and the people we work with to create beautiful premium products. 


Sustainability for LITTLE RAY was never a questionable direction to take, we never wavered in our choice.
With over 64,000 tonnes of fishing nets left in the ocean every year, LITTLE RAY uses ECONYL® uses these and other nylon waste to create their 100% regenerative nylon.
ECONYL® transform this nylon through their processes, taking it back to a virgin yarn. This yarn is then rewoven into a premium quality Italian Lycra where LITTLE RAY then creates and designs with respect to these before processes. 
Decreasing our contribution to landfill and encouraging the responsible use of pre-exiting materials.  ECONYL® offer 'take back' facilities to encourage the circular nature of fabric disposal. 


LITTLE RAY are mindful of the footprint we leave on the world. This isn’t just in our swimwear, but also in our packaging.
Our packaging is beautiful and represents the style and class of our swimwear. But what’s great is that it also serves our environment by being 100% biodegradable.
So what's important about our packaging:
1) Printing of our stickers and tissue is soy ink based so FSC certified
2) Tissue is neutral in pH level
3) You have helped plant over 7,000 trees through buying LITTLE RAY products due to our use of products
And...... It's all compostable... mailer, tissue and sticker. 


Our environmental consciousness doesn’t stop there. We are working to continually improve our sustainability of product and manufacturing. This is a forever changing and exciting space to be apart of and LITTLE RAY wishes to be conscious of all changes available. 
 So, what’s next for the future? Our next focus for our sustainable manufacturing is the dyes used in our fabrics. Stay tuned for more exciting developments.